Our expertise produces VALUE

Interklark is one of the largest commercial forklift parts companies in Europe. We offer products and services with added value that is transferred to our customers:
  • We have complete expertise in forklift systems and spare parts.
  • We analyze the needs of our customers in detail.
  • We respond in the shortest possible time thus reducing the duration of the customer's malfunction.
  • We always propose feasible solutions
  • We maintain a large stock of thousands of items ready for delivery
  • We constantly optimize the "quality/price" relationship for the benefit of the customer


  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System from TUVRheinland
  • ISO 14001:2015 Environmental ManagementSystem
  • ISO 45001:2018 Health and Safety Management Systemfrom SWISS


Interklark remains the fastest growing forklift parts company in Greece and the Balkan region with continuous investments in stock and infrastructure. And this is how we will continue.

We always stand by you

  • We develop new products
  • We train our staff
  • We operate quality systems that guarantee maximum customer friendliness, employee safety and protection, and environmental protection
  • We guide, advise and train clients to manage technical issues flexibly and efficiently
  • We have a stable presence over time and maintain our principles and visions even in critical periods, when our customers need us most.

The stock of our spare parts

Owned facilities  of 12,000m2

The stock of spare parts that we keep in our warehouse (with a total area of 12,000m², with a capacity of 2680m2 of shelves and 312 pallet positions) – and which we are constantly increasing –has been created through thorough research by our Procurement department.

We have known and followed global sources for years now, always taking into account the current international circumstances. For example, we worked hard to keep the prices of spare parts down at a time when transport costs rose dramatically, or when rising inflation increased their prices.

Generally speaking, we try to be one step ahead of economic (also political and social) predicaments by following the appropriate strategy as soon as we receive the signal from our Quality Department, which among other things monitors and manages an organized risk-management system.



Ease of connecting and disconnecting that protects the user by reducing her/his effort by 80%: Vortex technology in the service of safety.


Thanks to the locking adaptor the connection becomes stable (no arcs) and continuous (so that partial charges are avoided)


Maximized contact surfaces of the plugs through which electricity is transferred, to avoid both overheating and sparks.


At the same time, the amount of electricity transferred is maximized.

Interklark's Principles and Vision


  • It offers value for money services
  • It adds value to the customer both with the above and by reducing downtime in their work flow
  • It is committed to the principles of Sustainability which means social contribution, economic development based on economic and professional ethics, and environmentally friendly activities.
  • She is vigilant about safety in her work environment
  • It ensures working conditions based on the respect and dignity of the employees' personality
  • It has and projects a social consciousness that is inferred from all of the above

Aims to:

  • Create a business identity, recognizable both for the rational and qualitative approach of the offered solutions and for the orientation towards social-economic Sustainability.
  • Participate in the creation and maintenance of a healthy wider economic environment through fair competition and continuous self-improvement
  • Continuously improve the Quality/Cost ratio of its offered services
  • Expand its product range with new innovative and "smart" products
  • Συνεργασίες win-win

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